Unless you are completely out of touch with the latest trends in photography, you may have noticed that a growing number of shutterbugs have started putting down their digital cameras and their smartphones. Professional and amateur photographers alike are now joining the ranks of the old holdouts who never stopped using film.

This is particularly interesting especially when you compare it with the resurgence of other analog technology like vinyl and typewriters. Of course, you can simply chalk it up to nostalgia, but we highly doubt if everything is that simple. This is because the film has an undeniable appeal to it. The fact that it continues to endure speaks volumes with regard to its authenticity.

Of course, digital photography is still in its infancy and its quirks are still being worked out though there is no denying its potential. Meanwhile, the art of film photography has been around for more than a century. This latest trend just goes to show that film photography is alive and well. Of course, film photography never died, contrary to what you may have been told otherwise.